May 21, 2011

New WIP Davy's Secret

I'm working some more on what I think I'll call Davy's secret.
I bought a tutorial from Jessica at Doll Project.  Here's a picture of Jessica's wonderful Secrets Bust.

I'm not going to go into detail with my work in progress, because I don't want to give away Jessica's wonderful tutorial. I'll just show you bits of how it's coming along. You can buy your own copy of this wonderful tutorial at Jessica's etsy site. I do mean wonderful, the pictures and descriptions and options are just great! Jessica also works with apoxie sculpt for this project. So if you've been following the blog hop for Kerin Gale's book you can really play with it with Jessica's tutorial. Her work is absolutely gorgeous!

I got the treasure map and altered quote I wanted for the tin. I took it from one of the Pirate's movies but added a little something. Then I added some paint to the treasure box. I added it to the outside too, some gesso and just a bit of brown from the inside. I'll wait for it to dry and then add some apoxie to the back and stick it in place before I run my errands for the day.
I also worked on my "kraaken" octopus which will be hanging over Davy's shoulder. I made the tentacles separate so they will be easier to add the apoxie to. I doubled four wires, shaped them and place them on the octo head so I could get them to fall where I think I wanted them. After I bent the wires into position. I took them off again and foiled and taped them to bulk them out.You can kind of see them all bundled up there in the background.

I bought some shells and gems yesterday at the dollar store. I can't wait to see how he turns out. Not sure if I want seaweed hair or something else. I thought I might do the seaweed with felted dreads. Not sure yet. I'll wait until I get him done I think before I decide.


dollproject said...

He is looking amazing so far! Can't wait to see how he turns out :].

Anonymous said...

I'm new as your follower, ..this looks exciting..Will explore more of your blog soon.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE these -- how very talented you are! it's nice to have "met" you via kerin's book tour. x