May 3, 2011

Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Tour

I can't wait until my post on Friday to show you some more things you can do with Apoxie.

Zoe Thomas of
Curious Boudoir Dolls on etsy has this lovely art doll for sale.

Her hands are wonderful and guess what they'e made from epoxie putty! 

Take the tour and extend your journey to some of these other wonderful artists who work with the same materials Kerin Gale uses in her book. 

Chris Chomick and Peter Meder
Alan Rogerson—
Rebecca Schumacher –

Although not featured in Kerin's book the following artists also do some really wonderful work with resin clays. 

Linda and Opie O'Brien
Jessica Hamilton
Jean Bernard 

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Hi Nancy! Great posts you are doing. Love all the great art and such.

I wonder if we will find out more about Zoe. Her work is so amazing. Thanks for sharing this one!!