July 8, 2011

More on Red

Between work and the other bits of my life creeping in, it's been a busy week but I managed to squeeze in some time to get her bust and shoulders done, and some forearms. The bust looks small in this pic, think it's the angle. It's waif like, but not undersized.

Tonight I worked on her hands again, first two attempts.... too big, too small, more like a story of the three bears than little red riding hood, but finally I think I got them just the right size.
I then attached and blended them into the forearms and baked them. I find it easier to bake a forearm and then add a hand, other wise while I work on the hand the arms get soft and wobbly. This way I have a nice strong arm I can attach a hand to and get the movement at the wrist that I want.

I have feet waiting in the wings, but first I had to find the pose. You can't have flat feet on a moving pose it just looks weird.  I also will need to figure out what kind of base I want to use before I bake said feet. I might need to insert a brass rod. Well, I will most likely need to insert a brass rod, so I have one taped on for sturdiness in my armature until I decide what I want to use for a base. I just need to figure out what I'm going to do yet. But at least I can move on to the armature for the body and legs to find the pose.

hmm... do I have it yet? Not sure.  
Gotta find what I want for to use for my base. 
I think I needs to be a dirt path. 
But I must find some wood that will work and drill some holes for her armature.

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