July 3, 2011

Red: A work in progress

Since the movie released in March I haven't been able to get this idea our of my head. So I've finally started my version of Red Riding Hood. I hope I can capture the image I have in my head. I rarely start out with drawings, they never seem to capture what I have trapped in my thoughts anyways. I look for images of what I'm thinking I might want the expression to be, or the pose, and even the clothes and colours I want to use. I use them for inspiration while I work, they can be illustrations, photos, movie posters, etc.
So here is Red's head. So far. Might live with it for a while before I bake it. I take photos in different positions, by looking at the photos instead of the head, I may see things I haven't seen working so close to it.

I've decided to paint the eyes in, instead of using glass. I want her to be looking behind her and the glass eyes I have a flat back so that's not possible. They're the wrong size anyway. I want to work a bit smaller for this one as it will be a full body pose, full of movement I hope. I'm really hoping I can capture the fear. It's hard to tell until I start painting in the features. Anyway's, here's the progress pics so far.

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