July 3, 2011

Red: continues

I decided I like the head as it was, of course I'm imagining it all faced up, so baked I baked it while I had lunch. It's cooled off and I've started to add a bust and shoulder. She won't be a full sculpt but I do want to show some neck and shoulder when I costume so I thought I'd so just the upper that would show under her costume.
I don't know what I'll use for a base yet so haven't set up the rest of her armature yet. She's just standing in a spool holder I have. In case you're new and haven't seen some of my other WIP posts, I use foil over wire armature to bulk up the frame and like to cover it with hockey tape. It's crazy sticky and has a nice tooth to grab the covering clay and I work on the sculpting.
It's a beautiful sunny day so I think I'll go out and enjoy it for a bit before I work any further.

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