March 6, 2011

Angel Warrior Latest Art Doll Continues

I've been working a bit more on my latest art doll this weekend. I think I've decided she's an Angel Warrior, similar to the male doll that's now on it's way to Jade in Edmonton as part of the Travelling Doll Project. I guess I couldn't get the theme out of my head.
I don't usually do female figures, and as this one is more aggressive than delicate, I suppose she's not that far a stretch either. I love the pose, and so far she still stands alone. Or rather crouches on her own, no additional added support or base at this point.
I got her heels on and after working out how the leather would work and finding it still too stiff, I decided to use apoxie for the upper and I think I'll only add the leather for the top part that goes over her knee. Some chain or leather straps should hide the join. I'll have to see what happens.
I've added some black knit leggings and have sculpted some more on her torso, arms and head over the weekend.

I've also started playing with the acrylic washes for her skin colour. I don't sand a lot with the paper clay. I love the texture of it with the acrylic wash and pastel chalks that I'll use to do her face up. Not for me the smooth finished piece for my paper clay work. It's rather like a watercolour with a little tooth. Appeals to me for some reason, not as plasticky... if that could be a word. Kind of old Venetian wall.

And here is my cat Peeper's who loves to watch me work, but gets bored after a while. 

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Mary Ann said...

I like the boots. Can't wait to see more.