March 1, 2011

My Travelling Doll For 2011

The Travelling Doll Project that I has so much fun with last year is starting out again. In fact I just shipped him out today.

This year I'm collaborating with two other wonderful Canadian Doll artists with talents as diverse as our wonderful country. Jade Perez and Cayleigh Milne-Keeley are just as excited as I am to see what's in store for our dolls as we begin the 2011 Travelling Doll Project.

Yes, once more it's a male doll. Well, the idea was for a hero, protector, angel and warrior but we'll have to just see how Raphael turns out at the end of his journey.

Raphael is starting out as a polymer/cloth combination over a wire armature and features some amazing Tibetan Lamb Hair and over sized feet to help him stand on his own. His boots are sculpted from apoxie sculpt and are over sized to help him stand on his own. I'm hoping he'll get some great wings that will also balance him but we'll just have to see how he turns out!

Follow his story, as he falls from heaven to protect us on earth.

He was inspired by the many wonderful Urban Fantasy authors that I read on the subway each morning as I commute to my "real" job. (I think of my mother every time I use the quotes on that word!)

Hope you'll enjoy following his journey as much as I will!

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