March 26, 2011

Elena Warrior Angel WIP

Work on Elena continues, nearly see her finished. I had not been able to find feathers that work, they were either too big or too fluffy for what I wanted it to look like. I kept thinking of this fabric I have that I've used for hair in the past. I thought once cut and draped properly it would make nice wings so I tried it out.

Sorry the photo is so blurry, but I just wanted to show you want I did. I cut two pieces of fabric for each wing, then draped them and attached them to my wire wing frame. I used GRIIP glue to attach them to the frame. Once set I used Paverpol to stiffen the fabric. When I say stiffen, paverpol makes it hard! I have a clear version that works for all kind of things.

Once dried, I painted and attached them to the doll through holes drilled in her back.  The wing wires are still posable but I'll leave them for now as they will give me more access to her bits.

I decided the blouse I made for her was too much, I still wanted to cover her arms though so I went with a full sleeve in the net fabric and added leather arm guards that will double as weapons holders. Also attached a leather strip around her leg to hold something. Still working on weapons.

So here is Elena now. Her face will need a little more work I think.  The colour is a bit too soft.

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Mary Ann said...

Those wings are amazing! They remind me of raven or starling feathers.