December 6, 2011

Magical Holiday Hop: Meet Sharon Rowland

"Bird Rose Bottle Cap Necklace, by Sharon Rowland of Alice's Secret Door.
Sharon Rowland's etsy shop with it's whimsical name, Alice's Secret Door promises wonderful misterious trinkets and it really delivers! Sharon is up next on the Magical Holiday Hop.

She as been  have been crafting my whole life. As a young girl she loved to cut little pieces of paper out and create little paper dolls and animals. She says, "As I got in to my teens I began to make beaded jewelry. I enjoyed being able to create earrings that suited my style. Later in college I discovered clay." Today she still enjoys creating jewelry. Especially out of found objects such as bottle caps. "I have always collected little objects that I found in the street or in the woods." She admits she's like a little magpie filling her nest.

Be sure and visit her blog to see her favourites on this Magical Blog Hop!

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